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Welcome to Start Check Processing. We provide a Turnkey Business solution to individual entrepreneurs.

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What We Do

Alliance Systems offers a unique opportunity to become a part of our successful business.

Alliance Systems is one of the fastest growing electronic payment check processing companies in the world. Alliance Systems is supported by over 100 years of combined executive and management experience in the payment processing industry.

We have developed an extraordinary business model of our check processing business known as distributed check processing (DCP). The aim is to distribute our transactions through a conglomeration of companies, which will then function as the members of our group.

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This is a perfect business opportunity

We provide a turnkey business solution. No special knowledge is required. Apply now and if your application is approved, you will be able to start earning money in 2-3 weeks, after your bank accounts are opened and the required services are activated.

  • 1
    Great Support
    Start earning money in 2-3 weeks, after your bank accounts are opened and the required services are activated.
  • 2
    Great Compensation
    Your compensation is based on the company's turnover.
  • 3
    Easy and Simple
    This business is transparent. You receive a part of our transactions and instantly start making money.
  • 4
    Very Flexible
    This job can function as your primary source of income or as a way to supplement your current salary.
  • 5
    Unique Job
    This business model is a unique one. You incorporate and manage your own company.
  • 6
    Mutual Benefits
    We help you to earn money using our facilities. We guide you on every step.
  • More About Us

    We are a comprehensive check processing provider focused on solving universal payment acceptance challenges for clients to help them remain current, competitive and profitable in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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